Altar Servers assist the priest at the altar for our Sunday liturgy and other parish celebrations. Boys and Girls begin serving in fourth grade and continue through twelfth grade. We encourage senior servers to continue through high school. Training sessions are held each fall and spring. Debbie Rebar 570-489-3447, Minister Trainer & Coordinator.

Funeral Acolytes (Adult Altar Servers) assist the celebrant with parish funeral Masses. Parishioners who are available during the morning hours are needed. Sam Valenza 570-357-8258, Minister Trainer and Nancy Rinaldi 346-7429, Coordinator.

Lectors proclaim the Word of God in the assembly and lead the general intercessions when we celebrate Mass. Their role is an important one as they make truly present the Word of God to the assembly in that liturgy. Lectors must be an adult or young adult who has been confirmed. A short training is necessary for this ministry. John Loughney 570-702-4479, Minister Trainer and Debbie Rebar 570-489-3447, Coordinator.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (Eucharistic Ministers) of Holy Eucharist and the Cup of the Precious Blood of Christ at Sunday liturgy. Training is required for this ministry. Training can be done by two different methods. The parish schedules a training once a year or you may attend diocesan training classes through PFI to receive certification. Fr. John A. Doris 570-346-7429  and Carol Berry 570-347-3505 or 570-561-9884, Minister Trainers and Carol Berry 570-347-3505, Coordinator.

Communion Ministers to the Sick is a ministry that is an extension of the Mass we celebrate in Church by bringing the Body of Christ to our homebound parishioners as well as those in hospitals and nursing homes. Ministers take Communion to the homebound every First Friday of the month and to Moses Taylor Hospital and Skilled Nursing on the First Sunday of the month. Minister Visit to Skilled Nursing is on a rotating schedule. Patricia Conway 570-346-3828, Minister for Moses Taylor Hospital Coordinator.

Adult Choir Ministry Our parish choir strives to assist the community through song and provide a more prayerful atmosphere for worship and liturgy. All those who love to sing and desire to use their talents for the praise of God are welcome to join our choir. From September through May, the choir sings at one weekend mass per week. The choir also leads the music ministry for Mass on Christmas Eve, the liturgies of the Easter Triduum, and other sacramental celebrations and special events. Rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings at 7:15 pm from September through May. Geri Seitzinger - 570-343-0309 or 570-262-0447, Adult Choir Director.

Children/Youth Choir All children in 2nd through 8th grade who love to sing are welcome to join. The children/youth choir sings at Mass on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from September through May and also sing Christmas 11:30 am Mass and at other parish celebrations. Rehearsals are held Wednesday's 3:00 - 4:00 pm from September thru May. Elizabeth Eynon-Sottile - 344-0176, Children/Youth Choir Director.

Ushers are present to make all feel welcome in our parish. Present at all Masses, they greet, seat when necessary, receive our contributions to the parish and see to the needs of the gathered community. Sam Valenza - 570-357-8258, Minister Trainer/Coordinator.

Religious Education for public school students is held weekly during the school year. It provides the support, education and faith development for our children in public schools from 1st through 8th grade. Classes are held at St. Mary's School on Tuesdays for students in Grades 1-5 at 3 pm and Sundays for students in Grades 6-8 at 10:15 am. Volunteers are the center of our program. Adults are always needed to serve as teachers, aides and in other capacities. Patricia Sheehan - 570-430-6591, Tuesday; Lisa Murphy - 570-604-4145, Sunday, Coordinators.

Rosary This group meets every Tuesday at 1:00 pm in Saint Mary of Mount Carmel Church to recite the Rosary for the intentions of Our Holy Father Pope Francis, the priesthood, vocations to religious life, personal intentions and intentions placed in our petition basket. Mrs. Catherine Clarke - 570-346-6439, Mrs. Joyce Welby and Mrs. Theresa Smith - 570-342-5550, Coordinators.

 Holy Name Society All men of the parish automatically become members when they register in the parish or after the age of 21. A Holy Name Breakfast is held every fall. John Loughney is President 570-702-44679. Knights of Columbus is a men's organization based on the principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism. The K. of C. sponsors numerous family, church, youth and council activities. Tom Carlucci

Parish Finance Council monitors our funds, prepares the yearly budget, and examines the appropriation of funds and new projects. Meetings take place as requested by the Pastor. These positions are appointed by the Pastor. 

Parish Pastoral Council exercises shared responsibility for the pastoral life of the parish under the leadership of the Pastor. The council's purpose is to facilitate the communication, coordination and planning required to achieve the pastoral mission of the church. 

Vigil Service at Funeral Home This is a ministry of service that asks one to represent our parish leading the vigil prayer service before the funeral liturgy. This prayer service allows the family to experience Jesus as Lord of Life giving our loved one eternal life. Fr. Doris 570-346-7429,  Trainer and Coordinator.

Ministry to assist Family in Planning the Funeral Liturgy This ministry allows one to assist the family in choosing Liturgical prayer, readings and music so that the family can participate more fully in the liturgy of life. This position is appointed by the Pastor. Anne Marie Cannon - 570-343-2698 or 570-510-1077, Coordinator.

Committal Service at Cemetery This ministry calls one to represent our parish reading the final prayers of comfort and life at the Cemetery. This ministry allows one to comfort and support a grieving family with faith and prayer. Fr. Doris 570-346-7429, Trainer and Coordinator.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.) Classes are offered for Adults - candidates who would like to become members of the Catholic Faith. Joseph Michalczyk - 570-961-3691, Moderator. 

Youth Group provides an opportunity for young people from grades 9th through 12th to gather weekly to socialize, offer service, build community, share faith and witness the gospel on many levels. Each year they prepare a Haunted House in October and go Caroling in December. They also present a very moving portrayal of The Living Stations on Palm Sunday. Maria Kocsis - 570-489-1051 or 570-468-7383, Moderator.

Wedding Planning Planning a Nuptial Liturgy: The call of this ministry is to assist the bride and groom with planning the Liturgical prayer, readings and music whereby they could better reflect Christ's love in this special Sacrament. Fr. John A. Doris, Coordinator

Conducting Wedding Rehearsals The call of this ministry is to help the bride and groom to best express their love by assisting them with varied methods of conducting their wedding ceremony. Bernice McDonald - 343-4977, Coordinator.

Baptismal Preparation Classes This ministry requires some training to prepare one to assist families in their participation in their child's Sacrament of Baptism and future in the Catholic Faith. Deacon Andrew Fazio, Sr. 570-347-2809 & Patti Farry  Coordinator.


We are called to be Servant leaders of Word, Preaching, Teaching, Evangelizing, and Cherishing the Gospel message throughout our entire lives. Meeting this challenge calls for reflection and study around the following considerations:

  1. To promote family-centered christian formation through catechetical programs for all ages and groups.
  2. To use the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults in all Parishes as a primary means of fulfilling our mission to evangelize.
  3. To promote full incorporation of youth and young adults into the Parish through participation in ministry, activities, organization and programs.
  4. To develop greater adult catechesis and a fuller understanding of Sacred Scriptures.
  5. To re-focus our educational ministry or catechesis on events; such as birth, marriage, death or other personal celebrations of joy and loss.

     * Some of our active ministries that fall under our call of Word are:  the RCIA Team,  CCD grades 1 through 8, Senior Youth Group, Adult Education offered during Advent and Lent, Baptismal Preparation Team, Marriage Preparation Team, Bereavement Team that assists with Vigils, Committals and Planning of Funerals.


We are called to be Servant Leaders who worship our God and celebrate the sacraments in union with the Universal Church. Meeting this challenge calls for reflection and study around the following practical considerations:

  1. To present each Sunday as the "Weekly - Easter" and day of the Paschal Mystery.
  2. To call men and women to serve as Liturgical Ministers and to provide training for these ministries.
  3. To improve the use of music and art to enhance Liturgical celebrations.
  4. To engage a Director of Liturgy to co-ordinate worship for the community.

     *Some of our active ministries that fall under the call of Worship are: the call and training of Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Youth Altar Servers, Adult Acolytes, Adult and Youth Choirs, Cantors, Liturgical designers and Adorers.


We are called to be Servant Leaders who build Community through Hospitality, Respect, Inclusion and Holiness. Meeting this challenge calls for reflection and study around the following practical considerations:

  1. To nurture the personal relationship of our members with God.
  2. To deepen everyone's knowledge of God's Saving Ways, by participating and sharing with others in Faith Community.
  3. To encourage and enpower members to be evangelizers at home, school, the workplace, neighborhoods and even at places of leisure.
  4. To reach out to the unchurched, inactive and alienated, inviting them to join in the Church's belief in worship and life of discipleship.
  5. To promote the consciousness that we are all part of a global community and our actions have broader implications than just within our local community.

     * Almost all our Pastoral Ministries would fit under the call to form Community because all Pastoral Ministries call us to work together to celebrate our relationships, our oneness and our ministries to work together to manifest Christ. To be part of a community is our great strength for the future. For a disciple, Faith is not a private affair acted upon in isolation; it is a call to holiness with a community of people. It means living out a faith commitment with a community of people. The ultimate expression of this community is in its gathering for Word, Worship and Service.


We are called to be Servant Leaders who engage in Service to our neighbors near and far and who work for justice and stewardship to hasten the reign of God. Meeting this challenge calls for reflection and study around the following practical considerations:

  1. To involve all Parishioners in Social Ministry and to include awareness of human needs into all aspects of Parish Life and Worship.
  2. To promote initiatives rooted in the Gospel of Life, that both acknowledge and treasure all forms of human life as created in the image and likeness of God.
  3. To promote activities from our Social Concerns Group; a partnered group with Our Lady of Mount Carmel and SS. Anthony and Rocco, that educates and informs on varied Social Justice issues.
  4. To include in our preaching and teaching, the Church's Social Teaching that calls us to be responsible to promote Justice and Peace into our everyday life and work.
  5. To support the needs and opportunities provided by the Diocesan Office of the Pontifical Mission Society, Catholic Relief Services and other efforts.
  6. To inform parishioners in an understanding of stewardship as a responsible personal and communal use of Time, Talent and Treasure with the church and all of life.

     *Some of our Active Ministries that fall under the call of Service are: Pro Life Ministry, Holy Name, Knights of Columbus, Finance Council, Parish Pastoral Council, Office Volunteers and Ministers who send out cards of get well and sympathy, Eucharistic Ministers to the Homebound and Hospitals and our Ministers of Finance, our Counters and Prayer Line.


Is a Consultative and Planning Ministry that is called to:

  1. To investigate the pastoral reality.
  2. To study or reflect on what has been learned.
  3. To recommend sound conclusions.

     *It is not a council to implement or direct or oversee other Ministries.

     The goal is to give Wisdom of what is good for the community and the ability to discern what the community needs and wants. They must affirm what's practically wise and present this information to the Pastor.


Helps the Pastor prepare a Budget, Project next years Income from last year; Accounting for Payroll, Operating Expense and Capital Improvements. The goal of the Finance Council is straight forward, i.e. to predict what will happen if income and expenses are projected. The principles of this are fixed, they proceed by demonstrating facts and making these facts clear.







We, the Eucharistic community of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish in Dunmore, are called to manifest the leadership, love, and service of Jesus Christ. In union with the Holy Father, and under the leadership of our Diocesan Bishop, we are called to proclaim the salvation of our loving Lord through our participation in His Word, Worship, Service and Community. With the Blessed Virgin Mary as our Model, we seek to share our Baptismal gifts to build His Kingdom.


We recognize that as a Parish Faith Community of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, that our purpose is to accept and develop our call, through a servant style of leadership. To evangelize others with zeal and joy through the witness of our life in Word, Worship and a Service that builds up our Community.





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